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Quality in power generation

Watertube Boilers

Boilers ranging from 17 to 200 t/h capacity at pressure until 100 bar, for generations and co-generation plants…

Firetube Boilers

Boiler ranging from 1 to 50 t/h capacity at pressure until 30 bar, for saturated or superheated steam generation….

Boilers BFG

Generation of steam up to 100 t/h with pressure up to 100 bar, power generation plants, generation of saturated steam in large quantities for use in industrial processes, cogeneration plants …

Dry Burner

Heat supply for industrial processes directly or indirectly through heat exchangers, wide application in the fertilizer and chemical industries, rotary dryers, conversion of boilers that use fossil fuels to biomass, with extremely fast return on investment …

Thermal Fluid Heater

Capacity to generate from 0.2 to 12 Gcal / m temperatures up to 300° C. Projected according to DIN 4754.

Cooled Burner

Capacity from 1 to 50 Gcal/h that allows to generate heat and steam.

Biomass storage and handling systems

Accessories for Existing Equipment

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