The Company

The ICAVI Company – Industry of Boilers Vale do Itajaí, is located in Pouso Redondo town, in Santa Catarina – Brazil.
The company owns an industrial park with a total area of 33,700 m², with 5,400 m² of built area and an expansion project to 8,600 m² soon. It relies on a capacitated team to develop solutions for energy, thermal oil and steam generation.
We manufacture equipment from small to large sizes, in the boilers field and also, accessories, peripherals and system for handling and storage of many types of fuels used in combustion, all with the quality ICAVI. We have over 100 sold projects, which 7 are boilers for thermoelectric plants.



The ICAVI company commercializes its products for many industry sectors (food, fertilizer, sawmill, chemical, steel and textile), in Europe, Brazil and all South America.

Know How

The ICAVI team consists of trained professionals, with experience over 10 (ten) years in the boilers field. We meet the specific needs of each customer, with quick investment return and effective solutions.
Our engineers have the most modern tools and human resources expertise, allowing us to meet international standards of quality processes.


See how the biomass returns to the environment after combustion: